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No Hassle Returns, Batisfaction Guaranteed! 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Youth USA -10 (2 5/8 ) Baseball Bat $299.00. Pros: Hottest bat I’ve ever put in my hands hits like a -5. Pros: Hot bat if my son could of actually used it during the actual season:/, Cons: Huge crack in the sweet spot :/ it was a warranty replacement from a -5 zen that broke last year . The 3FX Technology, connects the barrel to the handle and significantly reduces vibration and provides a perfectly tuned "stiff" feel on contact. Inside pitch cracked barrel, Pros: It’s balance and it feels really good. Not a big issue for us , but you can feel the difference initially. The RTX End Cap allows for a longer barrel shape, ultimately increasing the potency of the sweet spot for futher hitting distances. The players love the balance and feel. If when you receive the batting gloves, tried them out and they do not fit or work perfectly for you, you may return them within two weeks for an exchange or full refund whether you have worn them or not. 2020 Louisville Slugger Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBP9B320, 2020 DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXCBC20. WAS: $449.99 * Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat 2021 (-3) $349.99. 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Baseball Bat: WBL2463010, Louisville Slugger Prime 919 BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBP919B3. I agree to the Terms of Sale for customized products. High Schoolers!! Significantly worse on mis-hits that are not right on the sweet spot. I cannot find one anywhere. We will notify you as soon as this item comes in stock. Has a lot of pop. Can this bat be used in colder weather? When I was trying out other bats then tried out the meta prime it was my favorite. Not even close! At the time of this posting it appears that Louisville Slugger has discontinued the 2019 Meta Prime BBCOR (WTLBBMTP9B3), meaning they have transitioned their factories over to producing the 2020 models that will release this summer. I definitely recommend this bat. What is the MOI of this bat? In the features section of this bat it says the bat is usable in 50x70 play and in little league. Is it more of an end loaded bat? There isn't a lot of vibration and feels like a wood bat when you hit it right. The Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3, or any bat, can potentially break on any miss-hit, but are usually able to withstand some abuse if it isn't repetitive. Eight years before, the 1834 Book of Sports had made its debut as the nation's first publication covering baseball. The Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 is a two-piece composite bat. This product is no longer available Sports equipment keeps getting better and better, so we work hard to keep updated with the very best products on the market. Pricey, but you get what you pay for. Is the Meta Prime better than the Prime 919 BBCOR? The price of the product might be updated based on your selection. This Hearthstone guide will provide you with a list of the best standard decks for Ashes of Outland meta.. Hearthstone: Best Standard Decks for Ashes of Outland Meta Burn Demon Hunter. Two of his sons, Adam and John Andrew "Bud" were born in the United States and would later join their father in his business. For elite players who need a superior bat that plays as hard as they do, Louisville Slugger created the game-changing Meta lineup. $785. That is not true. The 3FX Technology, which is the barrel-to-handle connection, significantly reduces vibration and provides a perfectly tuned "stiff" feel on contact. The demand for the 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 has been high since the release date. The mesh backing around the knuckles allows you to move and flex your fingers freely without adding stress to the leather. This bat is also wrapped with LS Pro Comfort Bat Grip, giving you the premium performance grip you need to grip it and rip it! If you know anything about me then you’re probably more than familiar with the fact that I value the warranty on all bats I buy. Is this bat more of a balanced bat or end loaded? Add to … It will be more about what the individual hitter fits better for them. Cons: Had it for about a month none so far. If the same size and product is out of stock on the competitor's website, we are unable to match their price. If it adds 10mph to exit velocity as a review has claimed, won't it be banned soon? The possibility to damage a bat can occur under any conditions, however we suggest to not use a composite bat like the 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 in any weather below 55 degrees. Pros: I bought this Bat for my son who plays in high school. We suggest the player take dry cuts with the bat to make sure they like the feel of the bat. Pros: Pop, balance, vibration are all attributes to this bat. Starring Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap, the film is a masterclass in cultural commentary disguised as a narrative gimmick. We have the final decision for matching an online price. An all-new EKO composite barrel gives you a light-swinging bat with a monster sweet spot and the truest sound in the game. Pros: An excellent bat all around. $1,399.99. The firm thrived, and by 1875 the little woodworking shop employed about 20 people. Get yours today and step up your confidence when you step up to the plate! After recording exit speeds, measuring barrel sizes and recording player feedback we think the 2020 Meta the best BBCOR bat on the market today if the price doesn't matter. Customize your META, Prime 920 (-3) or Solo 620 (-3) BBCOR Baseball bat. The Louisville Slugger 919 would be closer in balance and the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB9Q3 would also be very similar in balance. Compare Compare. Pros: I got the Meta Prime as soon as it hit the website. Bats are not intended to be hit near the connection point, so that is the weakest point meaning you'd want to avoid hitting in that area. We suggest limiting the amount of hits this bat has in colder weather. If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. But so far it looks like you get what you pay for. At this time, no other model has been decertified. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please give us a call to assist. Smh. It does not appear that we will be able to order more models of this bat from Louisville Slugger at this time. This BBCOR-certified stick is the performance machine you’ve always dreamed of. The 918 Prime is followed by the 919 Prime. Since Wilson/Louisville won't cover this under warranty we're stuck with it. Cons: None at the moment. With the bat being a 3 piece, if you get jammed will the bat break in 2? 3. Barrel size comparison? High School/College BBCOR Certified Composite Meta Prime (-3) 32" Bat. However, I can only assess that the reason had to do with the large barrel on these Meta Prime models being too large to effectively make them in shorter models. Why is this product discontinued? Cons: None yet. As of now, Louisville Slugger is planning to release the 2020 Meta Prime on 8/1. What is the coldest temp you can use one without damaging it? Choose Options. NOTICE: After additional testing of the previously-certified 33’’, 30 oz. By 1864 "J.F. The Meta Prime will feel more stiff (traditional) on contact than the Prime 919, as well as have a slightly larger sweet spot. Pop is not as good as some of the Marucci or DeMarini composites he's used in the past There really isn’t a “last year’s model” of the 2019 Meta Prime. It will not be quite as balanced or light swinging as the Solo 618 however. What is the difference between this bat and the 2018 Easton Ghost X? Meta Baseball Bats. That said, Slugger surely learned somethings from the 91X Series of bats that they put into the Meta Prime. - Ben L. Bundle this with other eligible items or purchase two or more to receive extra savings in your cart! lowest price guarantee! We rate champions as Optimal (S-tier), Great (A-tier), or Good (B-tier) based on their ability to perform in the current meta. Get a hold of yours today and enjoy free shipping. Cons: NOT DURABLE AT ALL. Utilizing their knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative batting tape for baseball and softball players. Order the official bat grip of Major League Baseball today! Sweet spot definitely seems smaller than advertised Have a question about the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3? The Meta Prime will feel more stiff (traditional) on contact than the Prime 919, as well as have a slightly larger sweet spot. He has historically used the DeMarini CF Zen; thus this is his first Louisville Slugger. We were not told directly the reason for discontinuing the 31" models of the 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3. Pros: Bought this as a bat to last a couple years for my 13 year old son. No need to roll the bat. I am looking for a bat for the high school season in Cincinnati, Ohio. What degree weather can you use the Meta Prime in? Both the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 and the CF Zen are good two-piece all composite bats. 0 bids. The light swing weight with monster barrel will give the player great feel and quick through the zone with the light swing weight. Pros: This bat is fire right out of the wrapper and I went 4-4 with 2hr and a double right after it came out of the box. It is really EXPENSIVE (>;-:)> $$$$$$. Even a bad swing can launch the ball into the gaps...I`m a collage freshman and demoed all of them. I was a bit reluctant to believe that a three-piece bat concept could even work but Lousiville Slugger definitely executed it perfectly and the Louisville Slugger 2020 Meta is a prime example of that. He wants me to buy him one, but I'm convinced it'll be ruled illegal in a matter of weeks as the HS season gets underway. Closeouts are deals in which the sport enthusiast gets a chance to buy his favorite equipment at greatly discounted prices. Which option(s) do you want to be notified about? ... 2020 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat $799.00. The Meta Prime BBCOR Bat is engineered with Louisville Slugger's EKO Composite, which features a Fused Carbon Structure for a light swinging, monster barrel and the truest sound in the game. AK vs AK On Netflix Review: A Meta Black Comedy With The Cultural Depth of a War Movie. Louisville Slugger recently introduced the most expensive baseball bat ever. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please submit your question and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Pros: It has amazing pop off the bat and every swing feels like u hit a home run. Which bat do you think has more pop, the 919 Meta Prime or the 2018 Prime? I can promise you if Marucci came out with a BBCOR composite I'd purchase that instead Sounds fantastic. From the first ball hit, I was in love with it. Not as hot out of the wrapper as most reviews claim. It's good, but not great, it's the Sybaris Prime of secondaries, okay but easily out performed by others that are it's direct competition. We … -5 BBCOR and -3 USA Bats? Add to Wishlist. Upgrade your game with this brand new 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR baseball bat, WTLBBMTP9B3, which features a drop 3 length to weight ratio, a 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter, and the famous BBCOR certification. I’d hate to buy it and not be able to return it if my son doesn’t like the feel of it. Cons: Like I said right out of the wrapper had great pop but shortly after it feels dead. Rascals13. The Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 will be slightly more balanced. To receive emails containing deals, contest alerts, and more. Pros: . Please note that popular items often become available in small quantities and will sell out again quickly. It hit great new, but after a short break in time you can tell the bat is getting even hotter. When will that size be available and why is it not yet? Sign up now to be alerted when we get more. The bat arrived and right out of the box he took it to a game where he went 2for2 Back to Back HR's! I am from the Northeast, where the temps are sometimes under 55, and plan on using this bat year round. Please upgrade to a supported browser: Can you tell me any info about this bat? Choose Options. Unfortunately though the best one would boil down to personal preference and opinion. Cons: It dosnt come with the best grip so i would definitely recommend replacing it. or Best Offer. At the time of this positing, we have the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 31" option not available until after the first of April 2019. The Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 has a balanced swing weight. He loves the feel of the bat. Mix and match eligible items for extra savings! Massive sweet spot so nearly every ball hit feels like a home run, even jam shots and hits off the end cap feel good. 2019 Louisville Slugger Z1000 End Load USSSA $249.00. Thanks! Pros: Great sound and feel. The 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 will be a balanced bat and would be a great option for a line drive contact hitter. Yes, will price match a competitor's listed price! Louisville Slugger Prime BBCOR Bat 2020 (-3) $349.99. Cons: if you think there are cons to this bat, you are weird. 3 Louisville BBCOR Baseball Bats : *ƃuıddıɥs ǝǝɹɟ : Louisville BBCOR bats are constructed from a variety of top-quality materials that will increase the performance of all types of players. The bats performance is well worth the investment. Call Us at 1-866-321-2287 for Assistance. The Mesa Prime was added as part of the Fortuna update along with Akjagara Prime – deadly dual pistols, the Redeemer Prime and more. The Batting Glove was designed with you, the player, in mind. However, is it usable in 60x90 NFHS play for high school ball? Pros: I bought this bat for my 14 year old and he loves it. This gives both power hitters and more all-around utility men the tool wreak havoc on the opponent's defense. If you're looking for a bat with great balance and even better pop, this is the bat for you. Feels better than any bat I've ever had You can sign up to receive an email when they come in stock by visiting this bat's page and signing up beneath the size options. However, that does not mean they are not out there. $12.55 shipping. We are unable to accept used bats back for a refund nor exchange. We have a tentative arrival date for some 31" models of 4/1. How do I determine what size bat I should get? All the batting accessories you need to maximize your performance are in this Batter's Box. The big difference is the Meta Prime will be much stiffer on contact and feature a slightly longer barrel profile. What is the difference between the Meta Prime and the Prime 919? DeMarini CF BBCOR Bat 2020 (-3) ... Louisville Slugger Meta 2¾'' USSSA Bat 2021 (-10) $349.99. Sweet bat, just not sure how long it will last.... As Advertised: This bat is the new standard. LS did make the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 in a 33/30 but unfortunately we have sold out of this size and cannot get anymore in as of today (5/31/19). THE BEST!! (NP). As a result, I would be surprised if they were to be manufactured again in a 31" size. This is a fast-paced Demon Hunter deck that focuses on early damage and a final lethal burst combo. NEW to Justbats! A little end loaded, but it feels lighter than some of the heavier end loaded bats. Deco 79 65650 Large Textured Brown, White, Gray & Black Metal Leaf Wall Art, 59”x37” Be the first to hear about sales, limited time offers, and more! Posted on December 24, 2020 December 24, 2020; 6 … My son hit with this bat in practice and the ball just flies. They are extremely comfortable and durable. There is no vibration and even though it cost a lot it is worth it. or Buy It Now. Join us! I buy most of my bats from Just Bats. GBStruck18. The Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 was initially released with the intention of offering a 31/28 option. The 3FX Technology, which is the barrel-to-handle connection, significantly reduces vibration and provides a perfectly tuned "stiff" feel on contact. Add to Compare. I can understand a paint chip on the knob but paint chipping off the barrel of a $500 bat is unacceptable. Unfortunately we no longer have the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR available in a 33" size. The Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 is now discontinued as LS releases a newer version each year. Great feel with virtually no vibration! The balanced swing weight on the Meta Prime will provides the ultimate combination of speed and power. As the colder the temperature, the increase in potential for cracking the bat. I’ve swung a lot of bats in my career and this one is probably the best one yet! We have hit the Prime 919 extensively, and it is amazing, so you can't go wrong with either bat. We know that buying a bat might not be easy, but we are here to help! Hillerich, Job Turning" was in operation and filled orders for businesses by custom-turning everything from balusters to bedposts. The revolutionary three-piece construction guarantees premium performance and the upgraded connection piece will bring you durability season after season. The new patented 3FX connection system provides a perfectly-tuned "stiff" feel on contact while, at … Cons: My first time hitting with in the cage an it cracked within the first 30 swings. Pros: Well balanced, good pop(BBCOR), no vibration, Pros: Really good pop all up and down the barrel. This is the best BBCOR bat I've ever used!!! he 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 features new EKO Composite barrel construction, a new RTX end cap to improve barrel shape and sound, and a new connection system which allows a unique feel on contact for each player. Young Bud made his own baseball bats along with bats for several of his teammates. As with all composite barrel bats, the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 is not recommend for extended use in temperatures below 55 degrees. He stated that in comparison, the LS Meta Prime has the most POP. Nobody in our area has this bat to swing it and test it. This bat is also wrapped with LS Pro Comfort Bat Grip, giving you the premium performance grip you need to grip it and rip it! Bats made from EKO composite give players a light swing and huge barrel. Note a mistake in the video. Would you like to add this item to your order? After two practices and about 200 swings, the paint has chipped in three different places. Not sure if that was intentional, but a bit of a downer from Louisville Slugger. Our batting gloves feature an adjustable wrist strap so they can be adjusted to fit nice and snug on your hand for a comfortable fit. It had no vibration. Any suggestions on if it is worth it or not? The newer 2020 model will be released in the coming months. Cons: Due to the barrel mass the bat is a little more end loaded then the other prime models. Louisville Slugger® Meta BBCOR Bat, we regret to inform you that the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS®) and the NCAA® have ruled the 33’’ model ineligible for play. Louisville Slugger: Others Make Bats, We Make History. $11.99 shipping. The Louisville Slugger Meta Prime does seem to have a slightly larger sweet spot area than most BBCOR models out there, however it also feels slightly end-loaded compared to other models, so I would not recommend unless the player is strong enough to handle that sort of balance. And this didn’t last 3 months . The Meta uses a 3FX connection between the handle and the barrel, giving the Meta a true “3-Piece” design which gives the hitter the Meta’s signature stiff feeling, while dramatically decreasing vibration. Pros: This bat has some major pop right out the wrapper. Free Shipping! We have 31"/28oz sizes on order currently and we expect them to arrive at some point hopefully soon. We're here from click to hit! Doesn’t sting and you don’t have to even break it in at all. The price match must cover that manufacturer cost for the item. Unfortunately, it seems as though they cannot make the bat fast enough to match the demand. But when he arrived in Baltimore, J. Frederick Hillerich would never have dreamed of the future impact his family would have on America's favorite pastime. As of now we do not have any concerns about the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 being banned at all this year. What is the difference between the Meta and the 919? This bat seems like it may have the stiff one piece feel but the advantages offered but composite? First bat lasted 1 1/2 months before connection broke and second one lasted 2 weeks. Louisville Slugger Prime, Select, and Omaha BBCOR bats are among the hottest in High School and College baseball. High School/College 2019 Composite Meta Prime (-3) 29 oz 32" Bat. The 31’’, 32’’ & 34’’ models all remain eligible for play. It will be be very comparable in feel to the 2019 Louisville Slugger Prime 919 BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBP919B3. My son stated that there is little to no vibration on ball impact and the bat has a great feel. The sophisticated three-piece design gives the bat the feel of a rigid one-piece, with the comfort and stability of a hybrid. Hottest does BBcor bat ever, Cons: None Except cost but you get what you pay for, Pros: I was extremely surprised how much pop this bat has right out of the wrapper. Lastly, our Bat Experts must check on the cost we pay to stock the item from the manufacturer. Lizard Skin grips feature 1.1 mm thickness Durasoft Polymer material. Bat Weight (Donut Style) Fits Over The End Of The Bat & Helps Improve Bat Speed, Thumb Pad To Minimize Potential Bat Sting To The Hands, Knob Pad to Provide Bottom Hand Comfort During The Swing, NEW Gator Grip Pine Tar Stick Improves Grip & Ensures An Extended Life Span For Grip, 1.1 MM Lizard Skin Bat Grip To Maximize The Player's Grip, All The Bat Accessories You Need To Take Your Game To The Next Level. Is it similar to the prime? Is this a balanced bat and would this be a good bat for a contact line drive hitter? After a short while, the Hillerichs moved to Louisville, where J. Fred started a woodworking shop in 1856. Discontinued on our site means that the item is out of stock in all sizes and that we do not anticipate this specific Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBMTP9B3 model to be available again at the time of this positing.

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