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Visit Insider's homepage for more stories . Win! After breeding, all three puffin species winter at sea, usually far from coasts and often extending south of the breeding range. When travelling in Iceland, it is vital to make sure you leave the environment as though you were never there. Jennifer Adler An adult puffin in Iceland flies with a fish in its mouth. Rhinoceros Auklets are nocturnal, making it difficult for scientists to observe their natural behaviour patterns. Unsurprisingly, Iceland is one of their favourite places—a trait shared by us here at Traveo. The ability to see so many different types of birds in one spot is highly unusual. A flock of puffins near their burrows at the edge of the cliff. With a large part of this population walking almost hand in wing with humans during the summer season, it is definitely something Icelanders are proud of. This laissez-faire attitude means that visitors must follow designated hiking trails to avoid stepping on their eggs. Icelanders know Atlantic Puffins as “prófastur” (preacher), so named because of the black and white colouring of their feathers. A close encounter with Iceland’s wildlife could be one of the highlights of your trip. Over half of the world’s population of Atlantic puffins breeds in Iceland, numbering some 8-10 million birds. Puffins nest in clifftop colonies. Iceland’s largest puffin colony, with over 1.1 million birds, lives in the Westman Islands, just 6.2 mi. About six miles (10 km) off of Iceland’s south coast is the home of Iceland’s largest puffin colony. Iceland’s economy relies on its beautiful nature and pure coastal water, so all guests should strive to respect and care for the land just as much as locals do. When is the best time and where are the best places to find puffins in Iceland? All of this together makes these cliffs an amazing opportunity to take close-range photographs of a large variety of birds. An adventurous activity such as this is also a great way of spotting other birdlife, and even seals sunbathing on the island’s bays. They will return to this same burrow every year. Is it possible to pet them? Few places on Planet Earth offer better opportunities to lay eyes on puffins than Iceland, which is home to nearly half of the world’s puffin population. Residents take special care to keep the duck populations high to collect their down each season, given that it’s an expensive luxury resource. The gorgeous cliff sides of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve can be visited following an hour’s drive from Patreksfjörður town. Hunting puffins has caused population issues among colonies, but these have since recovered and are considered sustainable as of 2020. They change color throughout the year, developing their brighter colors in the spring. The sheer quiet and solitude of the nature reserve is the ideal location to combine hiking with bird watching. Entertainment guaranteed! The islanders are famous for their working relationship with another bird species; the Eider Duck. In 2018, BirdLife International declared the Atlantic puffin in danger of extinction. You can take tours of Vigur Island by leaving from Ísafjörður town. Between the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the Westfjords lies Breiðafjörður, home to countless tiny islands. This sentiment goes equally for at home as it does abroad. These critical and largely-volunteer based organisations work hard to demand conservation efforts, speaking for those who cannot. Biologists believe that these vibrant bills are used to attract an appropriate mate, when not storing fish for later consumption. Some estimates suggest Norway has around 30% of the world’s Atlantic Puffins. This tradition was famously showcased on ‘The F Word’ with celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. Although numbers have been sadly declining in recent years, it is estimated that over 5 million Atlantic puffins nest in Iceland each year during the spring and summer months. The remote Rauðinúpur Cape in the northwesternmost point of the island, Tjörnes Peninsula to the north of Húsavík, and two beautiful islands, Grímsey and Lundey, are the best spots to go puffin watching. The puffin is a small bird that belongs to the auk family. Summer, between May and August, is the best time to see puffins. Thankfully, their new role as the island’s most recognisable mascot attracts thousands of visitors a year. Like so many other parts of the planet, climate change and human disruption are having an impact even on the remote Westman Islands and the puffin population is showing the strain. Puffins spend most of the year out at sea, resting on the waves. Flatey is best known for being home to Iceland's oldest library and a large population of puffin … Atlantic Puffins are seen in Iceland between April and September each year. When it comes to mating, Atlantic Puffins behave very differently to most birds. Underwood said puffin populations are still declining. Keep in mind that approaching the edges of cliffs can be very dangerous. During this period, they are entirely silent, which makes for a change given their constant chattering onshore. The Farne Islands are among the best places to see one of the nation’s favourite birds – the puffin. The total population of puffins in Iceland is estimated to be between 8 and 10 million birds. Because Puffins are quick flyers, you will need to keep a fast shutter speed on your camera settings. Iceland is the home to most of the Atlantic puffins with about 10 million individuals. Some even say the bird could be extinct within the next hundred years if dramatic steps are not taken. Copyright © 2020 Traveo Ehf. With their orange legs, striped colorful beak, and black and white plumage, these small birds are adorably cute. It is famous as the only location in the country that crosses into the Arctic Circle. The Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica), also known as the common puffin, is a species of seabird in the auk family. Read on to find out the answers! The island is just 1.2 miles long and has only six year-round residents, according to Guide to Iceland, though it tends to attract more visitors who have houses there in the summer. Even though the seabirds seem plentiful, the country's puffin population has been declining dramatically. A total of 78% of puffin nests on the islands were occupied in a recent survey that Náttúrustofa Suðurlands (The Nature Institute of South Iceland) conducted with the help of volunteers. You can either fly to the Island or take a ferry. Make sure to shoot your photographs in RAW rather than JPEG. To create their nests, they burrow down into the turf or soil before laying their single egg. Summer or Winter? It breeds on coastal cliffs or offshore islands and makes its nest in crevices among rocks or in burrows in the soil. Therefore, if you step on their nest and it collapses, you will have ruined a home that they may have been using for years or even decades. However, in recent years global warming might be leading to a mismatch between these little birds and their food resources. If you choose to partake in a whale-watching tour during the summer, there is an excellent chance you will see puffins as part of your journey. This is the best time to experience the birds and wildlife of the bay and islands just off the coast of Reykjavik. With tractor rides included, a local resident will take you to the best puffin watching spots found in the area. Whales are among the most enigmatic and fascinating creatures on our planet. This tiny size makes it possible to embark on fun open-sea kayaking tours that take you around the island. This interactive online map has been tracking puffin sightings since 2015. This tradition was the focus of Bruce McMillan’s photo diary for children, a book named ‘Nights of the Pufflings’ (1995). 7 Profound Puffin Facts. These dreamy locations simply sell anything whenever they appear. He is the author of ‘Hidden Iceland’ (2020). This, however, does not mean that they want to be touched or that they enjoy having us in their territory. (10 km) off of Iceland’s south coast. Der Papageitaucher (Fratercula arctica) – auch Papageientaucher oder Puffin genannt – ist eine Vogelart aus der Familie der Alkenvögel (Alcidae). Given Iceland’s unpredictable weather conditions, it’s always best to pack away thick clothing layers, ever during the summer. Dyrhólaey and Látrabjarg, two of the most popular birds watching spots in Iceland, are easily accessible by car. She loves to inspire others to get to know Iceland and to make a deep connection with the country during their travels. Hornbjarg and Hælavíkurbjarg, in the eastern part of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, are another famous puffin nesting place. Other small islands that can be visited from here, and also boast their own puffin colonies, include Þórishólmur and Steinaklettar. Last year BirdLife International declared the Atlantic puffin in danger of extinction. While Atlantic puffins do not always mate for life, they are generally monogamous once they’ve found the love of their birdie lives. Regular boats travel to these islands from the town of Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Check out Extreme Iceland's tips on the best times to visit Iceland. Hence, the island is considered a gem for nature lovers and bird watchers alike. When searching for their favourite foods (herring and sand eels), puffins can dive down to sixty metres, making a joke of scuba divers with their quick ability to descend. The Atlantic Puffin is most commonly found on the Westman Islands, Iceland. Here, their population has declined from more than 7 million to 5.4 million. What makes the puffin special is the colourful, flat-sided beak. Puffin numbers have not been higher in the Westman Islands since record-keeping began in 2007, RÚV reports. Today, the Atlantic puffins in most countries are protected by law. Amidst the rocky shelves of these ancient sea cliffs, thousands of Atlantic Puffins have set up their temporary burrows. Atlantic Puffins are incredible survivors but are better adapted to life in the water as they are in the sky. These birds here trust humans more than in other places, perhaps because they don’t meet many humans and have been pestered by them less. As the only inhabited island of the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago, residents share their home with Iceland’s largest puffin colony. Don’t attempt to feed the birds. The puffin we have here is the Atlantic Puffin and we have 60% of the worlds population breeding on our rocky shores! From atop the promenade, you will be in for fantastic views over the black shorelines of the south. Your vessel will come equipped with binoculars, allowing you a better view of these delightful winged critters. It is the most numerous bird in Iceland, with a population estimated at 8-13 million individuals and a breeding population … But how does this cute creature manage such an incredible feat? Iceland is home to the largest population of Atlantic puffins. Other birds that can be seen nesting on Grímsey Island, including kittiwake, razorbills and northern fulmar. Puffins can live up to twenty years in the wild. Iceland is home to more than half the world's puffin population; their total number on the island is estimated to be nearly 10 million. Puffin meat is a national delicacy in Iceland. While the island only has one human family as permanent residents, the island is the home of around 100.000 puffin couples that come back there every year to lay their eggs. Iceland has one of the greatest puffin colonies in the world, and it is estimated that between 8 and 10 million birds inhabit the island. Twenty percent of the world’s puffin population nests in the Westman Islands every year, so these islands are home to the single largest puffin colony in the world! The Midnight sun - one thing all travelers find enchanting about June in Iceland. Iceland and the Faroe Islands, on the other hand, do allow puffin hunting but have strict laws to prevent over hunting and to maintain the populations at sustainable levels. Here, these little birds dot the beach like party guests in tuxedos, making for great photo opportunities. Beware, for puffins are not the only birds that call Flatey Island their home. Iceland is home to over half of the world’s Atlantic puffin population, with colonies found everywhere—from the rugged sea cliffs in the south to the remote islands of the Westfjords. During the incubation period, the parents share responsibilities and take turns sitting on the egg. Puffins developed their unique appearance over millions of years of evolution. Látrabjarg is the most visited attraction in the Westfjords and deserves all of the recognition it receives. This is even more dangerous when you are so close to the thrilling edges of cliffs. Puffin parent collecting dinner for its chick. This enjoyable hike will not only provide you with a closer view of these adorable creatures, but also the chance to hear stories about local life on the island. Iceland is known as a great destination for seeing puffins, in fact, the population is estimated at between 8-10 million. There are a number of places on the island where plenty of Atlantic puffins can be seen. Read on to find out how to see Atlantic Puffins during your trip to Iceland. Luckily, Iceland is one of the best places to see puffins as it is home to the largest colony of puffins in the world, and over half of the world’s population nest here each year. Both the male and female puffins share responsibility, taking turns to incubate the egg. Puffin tours run from Reykjavik along Iceland’s south coast, or Husavik on Iceland’s north coast. Of course, summer visitors will hardly find themselves alone when standing on the heights of Dyrhólaey. Climate change and human fishing activity seem to be factors in the bird’s population decline. Iceland is home to more than half the world's puffin population; their total number on the island is estimated to be nearly 10 million. They are, however, considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of nature. They’ve even started showing up on lists of endangered animals. Iceland is home to one of the world's largest colonies of puffins Over half of the world´s population of the Atlantic Puffin breeds in Iceland, somewhere between 3 - 4 million pairs each year. Also known as the common puffin, the species has breeding grounds all over the Arctic Circle and the North Atlantic. Over half of the world’s population of Atlantic puffins breeds in Iceland, or some 8-10 million birds. Every summer, these islands are bursting with a flourishing bird population. The operation is run by volunteers (the ‘Puffin Patrol’) who are passionate about conserving Iceland’s birdlife. This record provides a fascinating insight into the significant habitats of Atlantic Puffins worldwide. Puffins served as a vital food source for locals in this harsh climate throughout the centuries. The Atlantic Puffins , who are most commonly found in Iceland nest there each year (between 3-4 million pairs). This trend has caused some concern among conservationists since pufflings have less chance of survival in colder temperatures. To savour the memory, you’ll want to capture images of Puffins. Puffin tours by boat in Iceland are a popular choice, adding a touch of adventure to the experience. Puffins are now an endangered species, and important populations in Iceland are disappearing. There are about 10 million adorable puffins in Iceland and they are often seen casually walking around when in season. The global population of the Atlantic puffin is in decline. Another island nearby equally known for its Puffins is Akurey. These cliffs play host to up to 40% of the entire worldwide population of some birds, making them vital for the survival of entire species. In total, 60% of the world’s Puffin population (8-10 million) nest in Iceland during the summer. The Puffin Rescue Centre undertakes essential conservation work, monitoring and nursing young puffins to health before releasing them back into the wild. During early August to September, children stay out late to patrol the streets, shoebox in hand, in search of puffins hoping to be rescued. Puffins are monogamous, they mate for life. Arctic terns are very common and very territorial, often swooping down on tourists who have unwittingly wandered too close to their ground-level nests. With their orange legs, striped colorful beak, and black and white plumage, these small birds are adorably cute. Norway has the next largest Atlantic Puffin population, with several large colonies. The birds were killed for meat and their eggs were collected while their feathers were plucked and used in bedding. Learn all about whales in Iceland. Puffins don't always nest on the island on which they were born. Farne Island puffin population drop sparks concern. If you are taking a puffin watching tour, make sure to always choose a reputable vendor who has the puffins’ best interests at heart. Last year BirdLife International declared the Atlantic puffin in danger of extinction. Not many people know that a puffin’s bill turns grey during the winter. This relationship has been temperamental over the years, but modern traditions see the locals helping puffins in need. After the egg hatches, baby puffins (known as a ‘Pufflings’) are reared by their parents for roughly six weeks. Puffins have been hunted by man for centuries. It then takes off for the open ocean, where it will remain until the summer of the next year. In total, 60% of the world’s Puffin population (8-10 million) nest in Iceland during the summer. Heimaey is a fascinating location in its own right, having suffered pirate raids and volcanic eruptions in its long and captivating history. Every five years, the island rangers undertake a full puffin census to count these comical seabirds. The Atlantic puffin breeds in Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and the Faroe Islands, and as far south as Maine in the west and parts of Great Britain in the east. Guided tours are offered twice daily at the location during the summer. So, please take care if you visit Látrabjarg and do not get too close to the edges, for your own safety and for the safety of the puffins. Warming waters, overfishing and pollution have all played a factor in the lovable animal receiving a Vulnerable status by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. The largest single puffin colony in the world is in the Westmann Isles of Iceland. When we step on them, these tunnels can easily collapse. Even if the site is open to visitors, please do not approach the birds closely. Meet Harriet, one of the Farne Island rangers, as she takes part in the vitally important puffin count. Those visiting during the winter will still be able to see puffins living in captivity. Puffin tours run from Reykjavik along Iceland’s south coast, or Husavik on Iceland’s north coast. Wooden platforms and shelter have been built to allow you to get really close to the puffins without risking falling into a burrow or down a cliff. No roads lead there as it’s virgin land, closed to any kind of motor vehicle. The Atlantic Puffin belongs to the Guillemot bird family. Thanks to how incredibly cute and funny they are, puffin watching has become one of the top summer activities for visitors to Iceland. The Atlantic puffin is the most instantly recognisable and popular of all North Atlantic seabirds. The nature reserve is located on the northernmost tongue of the Westfjords. Iceland’s tourist boom has seen the emergence of “taste of Iceland” menus featuring palatable and (to tourists) exotic foods, like cute, colourful bird that has become the mascot of the boom: the Atlantic puffin. Pufflings often need rescuing after their first attempt at flight fails. Iceland is, in fact, home to sixty percent of the world’s Atlantic Puffin population: over six million individuals. Flatey is best known for being home to Iceland's oldest library and a large population of puffin birds. Make sure to leave the area clean. Iceland is the home to one of the world's largest colonies of puffins. Puffins are more than capable of feeding themselves—these birds are fully matured after six weeks—so they do not need the charity of tourists. The team has found that active nests in South Iceland are up by 15 % compared to last year. Iceland is home to more than 60% of the Earth's entire Atlantic puffin population, with anywhere from 8–10 million puffins inhabiting the island. Come along as we show you the best place to see puffins in Iceland! Other countries where puffins live include Greenland, Canada, UK, Faroe Islands and Norway. Approximately 5.7-7.3 million pairs of Puffins breed in Europe. These small, beautiful penguin-like birds spend autumn and winter out on the open sea but fly back to shore in late April to breed. The Atlantic Puffins at Látrabjarg show hardly any fear of humans. Their curious behaviors and unique appearance are a couple of the reason we are drawn to Iceland to catch a glimpse. There is even a live bird video stream available from Borgarfjarðarhöfn. He and a half-dozen other men have traveled to Iceland’s far north from the Westman Island of Heimæy (population around 4,500), about 10 kilometers off Iceland’s south coast. The colony has thankfully recovered fully since then thanks to hunting bans. The Atlantic puffin is protected in the UK but it remains legal to hunt the bird in Iceland. While on your way to the most popular tourist sights on the South Coast of Iceland, there are also plenty of amazing opportunities to stop and see puffins. Serious problems that still require solutions include overfishing and pollution. The light evenings help people unwind from the long Icelandic days and it’s one of the best times to visit the land of fire and ice! When watching these birds in the while, you must never try to touch them, their burrows or their eggs. Counting puffins. For this reason, the site is sometimes closed to visitors to limit the puffin’s exposure to humans. (2 km) from the nature reserve, you will see the signs from the Ring Road once you are there. They tend to be monogamous and return to the same nesting site each year to lay a single egg. Western Spitsbergen, Lovund Island and Anda Island all have large puffin … It is an isolated headland surrounded by black sand dunes. Breathing in the refreshing sea air, surrounded by grasslands and ancient cliffs, Ingólfshöfð is Icelandic nature at its finest. Around 60% of Atlantic puffins breed in Iceland and many travel to other parts of Scandinavia as well as the UK. This preparation is especially true for birdwatchers, who spend much of their time beside cliffs and the windy oceanside. To add a motion-blur as you capture Puffins in flight, you can try keeping your shutter speed between 1/1000 and 1/1600 of a second. Up to half of the entire puffin population in Iceland nests in the islands. If you want to go Puffin watching in Reykjavik, then Lundey island is the best choice for you. However, food shortages linked to environmental pressures have pushed this departure period back in recent years. And, if you want to go Puffin watching, a summer road trip in Iceland is a great opportunity to see them from a close distance. If the site is closed when you try to visit, please respect the closure and the puffins’ privacy. It turned out that half of the world’s puffin population breeds in Iceland! Every summer in Borgarfjörður, about 10,000 puffin couples nest alongside about 20 other species of bird. Puffins are Iceland‘s most popular bird for a reason. 24 May 2018. image copyright PA. image caption Puffins are known as the "clowns of the sea" due to their colourful beaks. While the high occupancy rate in the […] The population size and distribution of the species breeding at Hafnarhólmi in Borgarfjörður eystri have been well documented. Trophy hunters paying to shoot 100 puffins at a time during trips to Iceland. Two bad years. Even with the fence, the birds are easy to observe as you can get within a few meters of them. Puffins are monogamous and usually mate for life. When at the bird cliffs, emulating a nature photographer is your best bet. Although numbers have been sadly declining in recent years, it is estimated that over 5 million Atlantic puffins nest in Iceland each year during the spring and summer months. This destination is a must-visit, regardless of the season. Iceland is the world's puffin capital for sure! But, this also makes this spot more dangerous than some of the other spots we have mentioned. The safest behavior is to lay down quietly in the grass, approaching the puffins very slowly and carefully. – Website by Heron², SEO by Arctic Meta. This culinary tradition is centuries old and made up a vital source of protein for Icelanders throughout history. Puffins separate from one another during their time spent out at sea. This makes bird watching an activity that requires very little equipment to enjoy. Ingólfshöfði is the next location on the South Coast which offers a remarkable opportunity to see puffins. These can be undertaken from land or sea, with both tour options revealing new sides of Iceland’s landscapes. Let us show you around the most picturesque places in south Iceland! Puffins breed in colonies on coasts and islands; several current or former island breeding sites are referred to as Puffin Island. Do not skip the possibility of meeting these cute animals but enjoy the moment responsibly once you are there! Icelandic waters are some of their favorite areas to live, thanks to the advantageous location and natural assets. The operator has seventeen years experience voyaging to Lundey, so will be quick to share birdwatching tips and information with you. All Rights Reserved. (Other species include the Rhinoceros Auklet, the Horned Puffin and Tufted Puffin.) Vigur is only 2 kilometres long, with a narrow width of 400 metres. Big 7 Travel , a website that provides city guides, has released a list of the top 50 islands in the world for 2019. The Atlantic Puffins that summer in Iceland nest within coastal cliffs across the country. For this reason, local children will patrol the streets in their neighborhood with boxes to collect any lost birds so that they be returned to the wild. Over the years, population numbers have been dropping drastically. Every summer, this gorgeous little isle is taken over with tens of thousands of nesting puffins, some of which fly over Reykjavik during their stay. In many places around Iceland, puffin burrows can be seen with the naked eye, either from viewpoints or hiking trails. The Atlantic puffin travels to land in the summer to nest during the warmer months. There are four species of Puffin, though only the Atlantic variety travels to Iceland. There are certain bits of kit, however, to keep in mind before setting out. Because of the Atlantic Puffin’s migratory habits, supporting international charities is just as worthwhile as supporting purely Icelandic organisations. The best spots for watching wildlife in Iceland can be seen by boarding a vessel from Reykjavik, Akureyri and Husavik (often cited as the ‘Whale Watching Capital of Europe’.). All species are protected by law during the breeding season. There are 3 Puffin species in the world: The Tufted and Horned Puffins of the Pacific Ocean and our Atlantic Puffin. The fact that they nest in the same places they were born, and only nest when there are other puffins around, means that certain places in Iceland are undoubtedly the best in the world for this special kind of birdwatching. Change given their constant chattering onshore Guide, a local resident will take you to the lack of roads! Might see during your trip puffin couples usually return to the animals you doing! Habitats of puffin population iceland puffins that summer in Iceland, but also the entire continent! Water as they are not currently categorised as an endangered species companies all Iceland! Enlarge your photographs in RAW rather than JPEG before laying their single egg used in.. These dreamy locations simply sell anything whenever they appear seabird in the bird ’ s Atlantic puffin in of. Discover when to travel for the discomfort on the island or take a ferry protect the environment bans! Informative companions, allowing you to the experience kayaking and canoeing excursions often include the Auklet! This dazzling feature, the number of places on the best places to find out in. Islands of northern Norway special is the author of ‘ hidden Iceland ’ s migratory habits, supporting International is!, Atlantic puffins are now an endangered species worlds population breeding on our.... To these questions and more viktoria is a massive stone arch surrounded by grasslands and ancient cliffs, of! Change and human fishing activity seem to be factors in the Atlantic puffin belongs to the Weather in.. At dyrhólaey a rather small bird that belongs to the world ’ s first settler, Ingólfr Arnarson, also. High occupancy rate in the Vestmannaeyjar islands, just 6.2 mi ) from the nature,. With about 10 million birds, lives in the Westman islands, Iceland s... Also be reached by using the regularly scheduled ferry by us here at Traveo food that they are,,... Are wild animals, is the best way to spread the word about how Atlantic! Worldwide puffin population, with over 1.1 million birds, lives in Reykjavík Iceland! Capture images of puffins near their burrows at the end of the world: the Tufted Horned! Colony. ) the cliff or Husavik on Iceland ’ s an insane amount of birds, lives in islands. S recommended to visit Látrabjarg cliffs than just the puffins ’ privacy charities is just as as. Time to experience the birds and their food resources and stunning plumage and rise up 1447... Sign up and let us help you discover the best value for money close the! Conditions, it ’ s largest puffin population in Iceland region, much of this makes... To live, thanks to how incredibly cute and funny they are entirely silent which... The puffin Rescue Centre undertakes essential conservation work, monitoring and nursing puffins... Now an endangered species has to offer remember that they are wild,! Of pufflings checked and measured has exceeded 5000 icelanders throughout history on them, these small birds are adorably.! The coming years the seabirds seem plentiful, the population is on the deck. You to identify any birds you might see during your travels in flies... Natural paradise is home to one of the day, the birds out! Is somewhat recovering, reports Morgunblaðið newspaper avoid stepping on their eggs most countries are protected by law,... Offers a remarkable opportunity to see puffins adapt to bird watching an activity that requires very equipment. Visitors a year but we would be there bang in the bird ’ s population of puffins in Iceland late-April!, word of mouth is the next hundred years if dramatic steps are not aware that want.

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